A visit to Svenskt Tenn

At the end of February my mom came to visit me and I really wanted to do something fun and nice with her. I decided to take her to have high tea, and while there are several fantastic venues to have afternoon tea here in Stockholm, I decided to go for Svenskt Tenn. This location is simply unique!

Established in 1924, Svenskt Tenn is a fantastic interior design store that will charm you with it’s bold and colorful, at the same time extremely elegant, style. The store is located in Strandvägen, one of the most elegant street in Stockholm, and here you can find wallpapers, textiles, carpets, objects and furniture, all of unique and colourful designs.

Even though the Swedish design is more renown for being minimal, Svensk Tenn has always offered  a selection of bright and colourful patterns and fantasies, that eventually have become a classic.

Textiles, textiles and more textiles!

Everything is curated to the smallest detail and every corner is to be discovered and when in, it feels like living in a gigantic work of art.

A corner in Svensk Tenn.

And the afternoon tea? It was a work of art itself too…

We were very pleased and my mom was happy and she felt very spoiled too! 🙂

Look at this wallpaper! (every excuse is good for a selfie!)
Happy smiles before leaving Svenskt Tenn!

To know more about Svensk Tenn or to book the afternoon, visit their website here.