A caso #2 – New T-shirt by La Fille Bertha

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#2 – My new T-shirt by La Fille Bertha ❤

Ciao a tutti/e!!!

Today I am pretty happy! Not only because the weekend is approaching but also because I have finally received my T-shirt by La Fille Bertha, that I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks – blame the Swedish postal service!

me trying this new babe at work, (couldn’t wait to be home :P)

La Fille Bertha is an amazing Italian freelance illustrator based in Cagliari, Sardinia, and I love her drawings. They are simple but yet quite unique.

I love personalised packaging! <3

The package came personalised (I mean, look at this little sweet heart!) and in addition to the t-shirt some cute stickers were added!

we love stickers! <3

To know more about La Fille Bertha, have a look at her website – here.