A caso #3 – The Bold and the Colourful

“A caso”, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#3 – The bold and the colourful!

Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator and creative based in Milano. Her works are colorful, playful and extremely enjoyable. She has collaborated with some big names, like Fiat (500 Campaign), The New Yorker, and most recently with Prada. Have a look at her fantastic portfolio here and don’t forget to follow her on her Instagram!


how to eat spaghetti like a lady

lady of hearts

  • Leena Kisonen

    Leena is a graphic designer and illustrator, based in Helsinki, Finland. She creates beautiful works for prints, textiles and packaging for different products. She has exhibited and held talks worldwide. She happens also to have amazing ballon workshops! 🙂 Check her personal website here and follow her on Instagram!




Amsterdam based, Karan is a self-made artist, thats spaces from illustration, graphic designing 3d motion graphics. His style is bold and colorful and his phenomenal patterns are characterized by contrasting and playful colours combinations. Give him some likes on his Instagram and check his stunning website here.




  • Karolin Schnoor

    Karolin is a freelance illustrator and creative. Based in London, but originally from Germany, Karolin’s works has been commissioned by high profile customers, like The New York Times, The Telegraphs and some big names from  the international art scene, like The Barbican and the V&A. To know more about her and her works, check her website here and send her some likes on her Instagram!




  • Cecilia Castelli

    Cecilia is an Italian illustrator, based in Varese, Italy. She collaborates with several magazine and newspapers, among the others The Telegraph and Donna Moderna. She creates flat and colorful illustrations, inspired by the everyday life smoothly melted dreamy, new dimension. For a further look to her work, have a look to her website and follow her on Instagram.

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Skärmavbild 2018-02-08 kl. 08.43.56

Skärmavbild 2018-02-08 kl. 08.44.46

Please note that all the images belongs to the illustrators that I have named in this post.