Vacanze Italiane – an intro

Spring is here! And Easter holidays too! And what’s a better reason than a long weekend to travel somewhere (possibly warmer than Stockholm)?

Trees are already blossoming here…

This year we have decided to spend the Easter holidays in Milan, to visit family and to explore a bit more of this beautiful city.

For many different reasons, I have never felt very connected to Milan, even though I have spent the first 20 years of my life living in a town nearby. When I was 19 I move to Turin to pursue my studies and as an expat, when coming back home, I spent almost all my time home, enjoying the company of my family. Having always been the economical capital of Italy,  Milan has never appealed me so much. I always thought it was a city for yuppies and fashion victims, offering nothing but shops and banks. So I cannot say I know it that well.

However, since the father of my son is a nordic viking eager to know more of the “bel paese”, but who also patiently accepts to visit my family every time we have the chance to travel south, I feel more incentivated (and a bit obliged! 😉 ) in exploring this elegant and surprisingly (at least for me!) culturally lively city.

And you know what? I am loving it so much! We are visiting beautiful galleries and exhibitions, discovering new hubs for art and cultures. But also walking around, enjoying the street life, is a total new experience for me! Everyone is so friendly and becomes so curious when they hear Morgan speaking in Swedish to Linus, trying to understand what language is that… It craks me all the time!

I will write more the next days, once back home in chilly Stockholm, about what we have visited, seen, liked and disliked.

So stay tuned…and have a happy Easter, you folk!