When Nonna comes to town…

Ciao everyone!

My blog sat quiet for some long days. But this was not due to laziness, but because I had a very special guest in town: my super-fantastic mom! 🙂

when nonna comes to town
Selfie in the snow! Guest star: my mom! 🙂

We have spent an amazing week together. We went for high tea, visited museums, had some shopping, but most we enjoyed each other company!

It was so good and now, that she has left to go back to her life in southern Europe, I miss her like crazy.

Soon some posts on our days out with some interesting venues-suggestions to explore here in Stockholm!

Wish all of you a fantastic continuation!

A Caso #1 – Marimekko x Uniqlo SS2018 – it is all we need!

The collaboration between 2 of my favorite brands: the iconic Finnish designer house Marimekko and the Japanese all-time favorite Uniqlo.

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#1 – Marimekko x Uniqlo SS2018 – it is all we need!

As the very first post on my blog, I want to write about the collaboration between 2 of my favorite brands: the iconic Finnish designer house Marimekko and the Japanese all-time favorite Uniqlo.

Marimekko was established in Finland by Amri Ratia in 1951. But it was only in 1964 that its iconic floral print Unikko, by Maija Isola, came to life. Despite the founder was opposed to floral prints, Unikko turned into the company flagship design, gathering popularity globally.

Through the years, Marimekko has developed many other amazing prints and patterns, expanded its business from fashion to home-textile and home-wear, and started a series of successful collaborations (Converse, FinnAir, Clinique). Personally, I love Marimekko. Its bright and never tacky colour’s palettes are unique, combining patterns and prints that often remind me of the fantastic world of the Mumins or the recurrent themes of Yayoy Kusama’s artworks.

And what about Uniqlo? Oh yes, Uniqlo!

As I mentioned before, it is one of my favorite brands. I got to know it back in the days, when I lived in London, secretly falling in love with their heat-tech line, and then got to miss it (extremely) when I moved to Stockholm (cheer! Soon to open in Sweden too!). Its basic design, with a strong sense of minimalism, has won the heart of many. At very accessible prices, Uniqlo has always offered an above-the-average quality, presenting collections that will last in time, both for quality as per design.

In the past, Uniqlo has collaborated with international name in the fashion world (Jil Sanders, Lulu Guinness, and J.W. Anderson, just to name few) but this new one with Marimekko, coming spring 2018, has given me new hope in the future.


Well, Marimekko, like the majority of Scandinavian and Nordic brands, is on a price level that a normal person, with a very normal salary like me, can usually afford during the sales times (sigh!). This collaboration with Uniqlo, on the other end, will present a complete collection with dresses, trousers, blouses, bags, shoes and more, of Marimekko design, at much more wallet friendly prices.

And this, really makes me happy! 😊

The collection will be launched in USA and Europe the 29th March 2018. To browse the full collection and to find out the availability in other location, visit Uniqlo website, or click here.