The Art of the Street @ Magic City

Sunday = Funday! Right?

For our Funday, we decided to go for an art show that would be interesting for us parents but also child friendly. After browsing the web and finding nothing really exciting to do, I saw the pics a former colleague has posted on his Instagram, about an art show and we decided to give it a try. (thanks Raj! 😊)

Huge Magic - by Swedish artist Huge
Huge Magic – by Swedish artist Huge

The Art of the Street is a huge exhibition presenting a unique selection of works by street-artists from all over the world. What makes this art show so unique, is that it does not only focus on one media or form, but in fact it represents street art in its different features, sizes and shapes. From monumental murals, to teeny tiny sculptures, everything in this exhibition is encouraging the visitor to rethink the urban spaces from places we live passively, to actually and actively explore them.

The installation by Slinkachu was one of my favourites. I knew his work from before, but I never had the chance to see it in real life. His installation requires the viewer to peep through a hole in a wall, in order to discover the miniature sculptures that live behind it.

Morgan doing his duties and helping Linus to look at the installation.

The artist creates, from modelling to painting, mini-sculptures that consequently he “abandons” on the street. In his artist statement, Slinkachu says how “the street-based side of his work plays with the notion of surprise” and how he aims “to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings”.

Roa is a street-artist from Belgium and his murals represent wild or urban animals. In his pieces, he often represents the skeleton and internal organs since they are among the vital parts of the animal body, and therefore deserve to be represented.


For the exhibition at magic city, Roa has created a number of pieces, including few that give the visitor the possibility to play around and decide what to see, the animal itself, or its internal body.

Linus playing with one of Roa’s installations


Even though the exhibition was pleasant and well presented, it also felt it was a bit contradictory. Street art is meant to be in the streets and even though all the artworks were beautifully curated and presented, most of them felt pretty decontextualized.

Street art should be an urban adventure throught which the city inhabitants are invited to investigate, with new eyes, the places they live everyday. Placing these works in an indoor environment strips them off of their original intent, and makes them into simple (but beautiful!) illustrations or objects.



The Art of the Street is displayed at Magasin 9 i Frihamnen and is on until the 4th March.

For more information, visit the exibition website here.

A caso #3 – The Bold and the Colourful

“A caso”, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#3 – The bold and the colourful!

Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator and creative based in Milano. Her works are colorful, playful and extremely enjoyable. She has collaborated with some big names, like Fiat (500 Campaign), The New Yorker, and most recently with Prada. Have a look at her fantastic portfolio here and don’t forget to follow her on her Instagram!


how to eat spaghetti like a lady

lady of hearts

  • Leena Kisonen

    Leena is a graphic designer and illustrator, based in Helsinki, Finland. She creates beautiful works for prints, textiles and packaging for different products. She has exhibited and held talks worldwide. She happens also to have amazing ballon workshops! 🙂 Check her personal website here and follow her on Instagram!




Amsterdam based, Karan is a self-made artist, thats spaces from illustration, graphic designing 3d motion graphics. His style is bold and colorful and his phenomenal patterns are characterized by contrasting and playful colours combinations. Give him some likes on his Instagram and check his stunning website here.




  • Karolin Schnoor

    Karolin is a freelance illustrator and creative. Based in London, but originally from Germany, Karolin’s works has been commissioned by high profile customers, like The New York Times, The Telegraphs and some big names from  the international art scene, like The Barbican and the V&A. To know more about her and her works, check her website here and send her some likes on her Instagram!




  • Cecilia Castelli

    Cecilia is an Italian illustrator, based in Varese, Italy. She collaborates with several magazine and newspapers, among the others The Telegraph and Donna Moderna. She creates flat and colorful illustrations, inspired by the everyday life smoothly melted dreamy, new dimension. For a further look to her work, have a look to her website and follow her on Instagram.

Skärmavbild 2018-02-08 kl. 08.45.21

Skärmavbild 2018-02-08 kl. 08.43.56

Skärmavbild 2018-02-08 kl. 08.44.46

Please note that all the images belongs to the illustrators that I have named in this post.

A caso #2 – New T-shirt by La Fille Bertha

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#2 – My new T-shirt by La Fille Bertha ❤

Ciao a tutti/e!!!

Today I am pretty happy! Not only because the weekend is approaching but also because I have finally received my T-shirt by La Fille Bertha, that I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks – blame the Swedish postal service!

me trying this new babe at work, (couldn’t wait to be home :P)

La Fille Bertha is an amazing Italian freelance illustrator based in Cagliari, Sardinia, and I love her drawings. They are simple but yet quite unique.

I love personalised packaging! <3

The package came personalised (I mean, look at this little sweet heart!) and in addition to the t-shirt some cute stickers were added!

we love stickers! <3

To know more about La Fille Bertha, have a look at her website – here.


A Caso #1 – Marimekko x Uniqlo SS2018 – it is all we need!

The collaboration between 2 of my favorite brands: the iconic Finnish designer house Marimekko and the Japanese all-time favorite Uniqlo.

A caso“, that translates from Italian into randomly, is a selection of things I like, that I mostly find on the web.

#1 – Marimekko x Uniqlo SS2018 – it is all we need!

As the very first post on my blog, I want to write about the collaboration between 2 of my favorite brands: the iconic Finnish designer house Marimekko and the Japanese all-time favorite Uniqlo.

Marimekko was established in Finland by Amri Ratia in 1951. But it was only in 1964 that its iconic floral print Unikko, by Maija Isola, came to life. Despite the founder was opposed to floral prints, Unikko turned into the company flagship design, gathering popularity globally.

Through the years, Marimekko has developed many other amazing prints and patterns, expanded its business from fashion to home-textile and home-wear, and started a series of successful collaborations (Converse, FinnAir, Clinique). Personally, I love Marimekko. Its bright and never tacky colour’s palettes are unique, combining patterns and prints that often remind me of the fantastic world of the Mumins or the recurrent themes of Yayoy Kusama’s artworks.

And what about Uniqlo? Oh yes, Uniqlo!

As I mentioned before, it is one of my favorite brands. I got to know it back in the days, when I lived in London, secretly falling in love with their heat-tech line, and then got to miss it (extremely) when I moved to Stockholm (cheer! Soon to open in Sweden too!). Its basic design, with a strong sense of minimalism, has won the heart of many. At very accessible prices, Uniqlo has always offered an above-the-average quality, presenting collections that will last in time, both for quality as per design.

In the past, Uniqlo has collaborated with international name in the fashion world (Jil Sanders, Lulu Guinness, and J.W. Anderson, just to name few) but this new one with Marimekko, coming spring 2018, has given me new hope in the future.


Well, Marimekko, like the majority of Scandinavian and Nordic brands, is on a price level that a normal person, with a very normal salary like me, can usually afford during the sales times (sigh!). This collaboration with Uniqlo, on the other end, will present a complete collection with dresses, trousers, blouses, bags, shoes and more, of Marimekko design, at much more wallet friendly prices.

And this, really makes me happy! 😊

The collection will be launched in USA and Europe the 29th March 2018. To browse the full collection and to find out the availability in other location, visit Uniqlo website, or click here.


Ciao, and welcome to my blog!


Ciao a tutti!

My name is Arianna, I live in Stockholm and work as Administrative Assistant for an IT Company. I am madly in love with Morgan, my sambo (in Swedish sambo, or sammanboende, means partner) and my son Linus. Like every full-time working mom, my life is hectic and I don’t have much free time to spend on something that is not family- or work-related.

That’s why, among my many resolutions for 2018, there was the idea to create something that it was interesting for me to pursue, to feel committed to and that was mine, only mine. So, I have decided to start this blog, a me-space, where I can tell a bit about myself, my life in Sweden and, in general, about the things I like and I am interested in.

So, welcome! And have fun reading my posts!

Your sincerely, Arianna