Hi! Hej! Ciao!

And welcome to my blog.

My name is Arianna, I was born in Milan, Italy 37 years ago, and I call now Stockholm home.


Hi! This is me and my messy hair!

In my previous life, I lived in London and worked for an art gallery dealing with beautiful and rare Indian jewels. But after meeting (possibly) the hottest Swedish man alive, I decided to follow him around the world, learn Swedish and settle down with him in Stockholm!

Morgan, the Swedish hottie!

With Morgan (the Swedish hottie!) I share a beautiful son, Linus, that will turn 3 this year in April.

My happy babu – Linus! ❤

With this blog, I wish to share  some of my passions, interests and, more in general, all the things that I like!

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me! 🙂